Hire with Heart, Make a Difference

Post unlimited high-tech jobs and support orphaned children education through donations.

How Jobster works?

1. Express your interest

Express your desire to donate by submitting your details in the form below and schedule a meeting

2. Choose options

Choose the donation option that aligns with your company's values

3. Post jobs

Sign an annual donation agreement and get unlimited job posts

What can you donate?


Any amount you donate will be used for the education of orphans


Donate your old but still functioning computers to provide learning opportunities for orphaned children.


Support our organization's initiatives with in-kind donations in the form of your services or expertise


Encourage employees to donate their birthdays for humanitarian purposes


Encourage employees to contribute a symbolic donation equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee 


Encourage your employees to join us for a hike in the most picturesque landscapes of Macedonia.


Corporate Social Responsibility

- Showcase your company's commitment to social causes

- Make a tangible difference in the lives of orphaned children through your donations

Positive Brand Image

- Associate your brand with philanthropy and social impact.

- Enhance your reputation as a socially responsible employer.

Networking & Collaboration

- Connect with other like-minded companies and individuals.

- Engage in meaningful collaborations that go beyond recruitment.

About Jobster

Jobster, an online platform operated by the Georgi Marjanovic Foundation, serves as a conduit linking employers and job seekers, and simultaneously contributes to a noble mission.

On this platform, you have the opportunity to advertise your job vacancies or request freelance assistance for your projects while contributing to our educational fund.

Through your generous contribution, you not only assist in the education of orphaned children but also join us in our endeavor to transform Macedonia into a decent place to live for all future generations.